The future I foresee in Birth of an Angel: Angellic Consciousness and spirituality will gradually replace the religions of the world.

The planet will become a way station along the infinite pathways of space. Those who wish to leave because they “need their space” will have all the space they need. This story is also about spiritual and planetary evolution. The first chapter is autobiographical and tells of my arrest in the 60’s for sales of hashish and the loss of the woman I thought was my soul mate. Tim Leary, founder of the Brotherhood told everyone that would listen that Vietnam was just an excuse to militarize the USA on the way to a police state. Nixon was insane and the only way to wake up the population out of its TV induced trance was LSD and hashish. Though not part of the story, the aftermath of my arrest was a year long trial which ended in mistrial in Orange County, California. I could not afford another trial and jumped bail to Ecuador, South America. There I was hunted down and extradited which confirmed my suspicions that marijuana laws were being used as a way to arrest political prisoners and turn prisons into private factories.