Chapter by Chapter outline

Chapter 1. Evil Ways
Chapter 2. Abraxas
Chapter 3. Dream Song /Song of the Wind
Chapter 4. Castillos de Arena
Chapter 5. Batukada
Chapter 6. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
Chapter 7. Incident at Neshapur
Chapter 8. Every step of the Way
Chapter 9. Europa / Barbolleta
Chapter 10. Mirage / Full Saturn
Chapter 11. Illuminations/Revelations
Chapter 12. Moonflower

Chapter 1. EVIL WAYS

The setting is Laguna Beach, California, 1969. Jason Blue, a young local artist, has become en tangled in the psychedelic drug culture and the mystical path.

While suffering from precognitive paranoia that his drug dealing is about to end in the inevitable bust, he meets Marsha, a beautiful young yoga teacher and musician who influences him to clean up his life.

His love and passion for her grow yet the temptation for just one last deal is too great to resist.

This leads to his arrest months later on his wedding day. She is killed in a car accident before his release from prison.

He never fully recovers from this loss. Is there such a thing as a soul mate?


Some sixty years have passed.

Jason is now a wealthy, powerful loner in the surreal New World Order where the information highway dominates a polluted high tech planet Earth.

At the very beginning of the century a right wing government takes power in the US.

The first order of business is to expand the drug war and turn prisons into factories run by private corporations.

With this pro-life, pro-death penalty government, abortion again becomes a crime.

Prison factories begin to fill up with wave after wave of new prisoners. Prisons soon become the nations’ biggest growth industry.

By 2024, the greatest change is in the computerized judicial system; convicted criminals are sold as slaves through privatized penal corporations.

The worst violent offenders are bio-frozen and transported into deep space. Computers sit in judgment and hand down sentences.

One such case is sweet young Loretta Martin (Lori) who has had an illegal abortion.

Her time is being auctioned off on the internet. When Jason sees her, her eyes and beauty immediately captivate him.

Something about her eyes…they look so familiar, like someone he knew long ago.

CHAPTER 3. Dream song / Song of the Wind

Smart pills, android servants, and drugs for every mood: This is the good life in the 21st century.

The bond between Jason and the hauntingly familiar Lori grows closer, despite their age differences.

Enter Toussaint, an old friend and his new bride, Deja Loa.

Jason attends Toussaint’s 80th birthday party to discover his friend now has a new, youthful body thanks to an illegal body/mind exchange.

CHAPTER 4. Castillos de Arena

Toussaint convinces Jason that to recover his youth, he should do the same.

After weeks of agonizing, Jason decides to have a body exchange with the unsuspecting Lori.

To assuage his guilty conscience he leaves her all his wealth and his former life.

He vows that he is only “borrowing” her body for the duration of her sentence and will return it.

But now it’s his turn to discover the hazards of life as a very attractive female in a brave new world.

Jason, (now Christy Fox) discovers life from a womans’ point of view.

S he joins the crew of a star ship headed for deep space.

CHAPTER 5. Batukada

Christy explores the frontiers of her newfound femininity as a nurse with her friend and roommate, Jody.

They are both crew-members aboard the Star ship Estrada.

This is where she is introduced to Jody’s boyfriend Mike and is given the opportunity to participate in some mind-blowing experiments of virtual reality.

However, the gnawing guilt at what he/she has done to Lori, leads Christy on a new spiritual quest.

She seeks counseling from a Yoga master.

However, journey towards enlightenment is suddenly interrupted by the attack of alien predators.

CHAPTER 6. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen

With telepathic aliens in control of the ship, Christy’s secret is soon discovered.

To mark her as an impostor, her skin begins to turn dark.

But she has little time to dwell on her change in race/color.

The crew is forced to take part in a search and destroy mission against planet raiders with a taste for humanoid flesh. *

In the fierce battle that follows, Christy is wounded. On a transport with other wounded, her ship is hit.

But she escapes in a rescue pod, drifting in space, awaiting rescue.

CHAPTER 7. Taboo/Incident at Neshapur

Four years later, Christy is found and rescued by an Earth Ship who takes her back to Earth.

However, State Security is not satisfied with her story, as her ship is missing and her identity file appears suspect.

She seeks out her old friend Toussaint, who is investigating the discovery of a long forgotten Soviet germ warfare lab near the old border with Pakistan.

There is an explosion, but Christy, although wounded, manages to cheat death once again.

CHAPTER 8. Every Step of the Way
Christy’s adventures continue as she takes shelter at an idyllic local alternative community, where telepathy and sensuality combine with 21st century eco-technology, to create a self-contained environment.

An Eden for restoring health, wholeness and caring abundance to the damaged planet earth.

Many millions of people have died, but the earth is now recovering.

CHAPTER 9. Barbolleta/Europa

After Toussaint’s funeral on the Saturnian moon of Titan in the huge bio-domed city known as Europa 2.

Christy and Deja Loa embark on a vision quest into the higher realms of mind, matter and spirit.

CHAPTER 10. Mirage / Full Saturn

Christy does not yet realize that Deja-Loa is an impostor; she is not who she appears to be.

Yet for the moment they find sanctuary in the mythical realm of Abraxas, a border and a gateway between worlds.

CHAPTER 11. Illuminations and Revelations

Here Christy and her companion find the sole occupant to be an Angel.

They agree to become disciples so as to reach the next level in human evolution.

Together they must under-go many challenges and tests.

The key is love and sacrifice. They must pass together, or not at all.


The final test is to find the Moonflower; a rare mushroom that grows only in the mountains of Europa.

Their frail bodies are on the verge of death after just one day. It seems like an impossible quest.

Yet the key is to find it together.

They sacrifice themselves for each other as part of the test they must pass.

The final moment is one of metamorphosis. Is there a higher level to human evolution?