Sample Chapter (11)

Deja and I went up a white marble staircase that led to a long corridor in the castle. Then walked down to the end, where the doors were. Deja tried again and again to open them but failed. We tried some voice commands, which didn’t work either. We were just about to turn around when they slowly began to open. Slowly, cautiously, we entered into a large white marble room with a round skylight in the ceiling. Illuminated by the soft light of Saturn above. On the far side of the room was what appeared to be an altar with a smaller skylight in the form of a five-pointed star. Fresh gardenias were in vases all around the room, giving off their wonderful fragrance in abundance. This star shaped skylight was above what appeared to be an altar. In the center of the room hung an oil lamp, suspended by three golden chains.

The glow from the flame seemed unusually bright. We both approached, slowly, cautiously. As we neared, the glow seemed to grow even brighter. Before our astonished eyes, the light moved to the floor before us in a swirling mass of sparks and light forming a humanlike figure. Moments later that figure had taken the shape of a young girl with long light brown hair and fair skin. As my eyes gazed upon her I realized that her most extraordinary features were her wings; two folded white wings seemed to sprout right out of her back.

Instinctively I took a few steps back. This beautiful being, obviously an angel, did not seem to acknowledge our presence. She seemed just to stare straight ahead. I could clearly see that she was nude beneath the white delicate dress, revealing another mystery; she lacked breasts or genitals of either sex. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the command, “Please sit!” Yet no one had spoken. It was the same as when I had “heard” the telepathic voice of the Salegna Arjune so many years before. I looked over at Deja.

“Did you hear that?” I asked. She returned a puzzled look. “I didn’t say anything, but yes, I heard.”

“Please sit. There is much to tell you,” said the same voice once again. The voice seemed to originate right within my own head; I was astonished, even though I had experienced this before. The angel was projecting her thoughts! We both sat down quickly, almost at the same time. Deja and I sat in silence as we stared at the incredible being that had just materialized before us. At first glance I had judged her a “she” because of the beautiful face and feminine figure. She stared back at us through green eyes that seemed to emanate from its body as emerald lanterns. After a moment of silence she began speaking, although no sounds passed the lips.

“You are here in this sanctuary to prepare for a great test of knowing, willpower, daring and silence. In passing the test you will achieve a higher form of life in another realm of existence, far different from the ocean world from which you originate. You must understand that this tiny moon is an island of peace and tranquility in a world of nightmarish conditions on the ringed planet above us. Ruled by the shadows of creation, the influence of these tormented creatures may be felt here at certain times. They wish to escape their fate. Alas, many are so depraved that it will be many centuries before they can evolve beyond this world. Yet when they feel my presence they may lash out. In a few moments you may witness this, so be prepared, be strong, have no fear and they will have no power over you!”

“You must be prepared to deal with the creatures of the dark. They are but projections of evil, power-hungry minds that cannot affect you unless you let them. Concentrate your energy now on fasting, healing, prayer, cleansing and strengthening your bodies for the tests ahead. You have a great opportunity to avoid much pain and suffering, and live beyond your highest dreams.”

“My name is Ebude; I am keeper of the eternal flame on this moon and a humble servant of the Supreme. I Will do my best to guide you to the light.”

I closed my eyes to better concentrate on the words, that I realized at that moment were an echo of timeless wisdom, spoken in absolute silence…

There was a long pause as I repeated the thoughts in my mind…with my voice, “Ebude, I notice that you have no, ah…” I began.

She raised up her hand to silence me. “Speak only with the lips of your heart and project your thoughts through the windows of your soul. The sounds of the flesh are gross and unpleasant to my ears. Yes, I have not what I need not. I live a higher passion that someday you might share. In our realm, we have no excretions or body waste. We need no reproduction because the lower life forms do that quite nicely. Our diet is a spectrum of light invisible to your eyes. It is the source of all life. As life grows and develops, it evolves towards the light. A heavy diet binds one to the earth while a lighter diet is uplifting to the spirit. Both are part of the evolution of life. You will find that everything in the house of the Lord has its purpose.” I had always wondered how angels got to be angels.

I was trying to formulate my question when Deja Loa, let out a shrill scream, leaping upwards and back, suddenly broke the silence. A few meters away was what looked like a small ugly little demon that had spit out an acid ball and hit her in the arm, which she was now nursing in great pain. Ebude seemed to vanish in a flash of light and almost instantly reappeared all around us with a sword of fire in one of his hands. Gone were the female features, now replaced by the strong and stirring likeness of the masculine side. He stood with his white wings arched behind him like a bird of prey. The little demon looked up and let out a blood-curdling shriek that was abruptly silenced by the strike of Ebude’s flaming sword.

Now out of the shadows of the room appeared dozens of ugly horned monsters. Ebude appeared undaunted. A Ring of Fire appeared around one of his index fingers as he directed a wave of searing flames against several of them. The others then rushed forward, spitting, amid growls and horrible noises. Holding a shield in one arm and the sword in the other, he fended off the attack and fried them all, one by one. With the last one on the ground oozing a foul smelling, smoldering ooze. I watched in awe as he lifted up the flaming sword towards the heavens. The ceiling seemed to dissolve into nothingness. We were abruptly surrounded by dark storm clouds that cloaked the sky. A bolt of lightning came down from the heavens as it began to rain, slowly at first, in a few drops that rapidly increased to a torrent, with flashes of lightening.

All the while the flame in the center of the room continued to grow even brighter.

I looked all around. The demons had burned, leaving only grotesque little skeletons strewn around the room. The raindrops were like acid, dissolving their remains into a muddy pulp.

Then the wind came up and blew all around us.

Ebude, had now been transformed into a flaming tornado that reached all the way to the clouds, sucking the ashes and debris upward like a cleansing windstorm.

The wind suddenly died down and we were surrounded by a soft, glowing light. The ashes had transformed to a sparkling dust and just as quickly dissolved into thin air.

The sky was replaced by the ceiling and once again we were as before, as if nothing at all had occurred. But Deja was quietly sobbing in one corner of the room. Ebude, now back to her two armed, feminine form, rose and walked over to Deja, and held out her hand.

“I warned you, you did not heed my warning. These entities have little power unless you feed them with your fear. That is the way of the shadow world of some evil elementals.

Now look at your wound and use your own willpower to heal! It will not happen if your Will is weaker than theirs…There, you see, you are healed!”

Deja Loa dried her eyes and glanced over at me with resolve. She then lifted her eyes towards the heavens in silent prayer. A light seemed to grow around her pretty face until she seemed to glow like a moon in its first quarter. Slowly she opened her eyes. A transformation had taken place. Her face now wore the most radiant smile as she looked at her arm where an ugly wound had been only moments before and vanished without a trace.
Another miracle in an ocean of mercy!